23 November, 2010


The warm group are split into two: The brighter and lighter warm and bright, and the darker and more fall like warm and muted. Their main common feature, is the abundance of warmth in their skin, hair and eyes.

The warm groups are the place where you will find most natural redheads. However, you find brunettes and blondes here too, albeit their hair colors have a warm, golden or reddish, cast.

Their eyes can range from blue to brown, but you rarely find black brown or grey eyes in either group.

The warm should aim for warm colors, colors with a yellow, orange or red undertone. Cool colors make them look ill, and should only be used if wanting to look believable for a sick leave. ;) The warm and bright should opt for more saturated, lighter and brighter colors. Not neons, but vivid shades such as buttercup or chili. The warm and muted looks the best in more muted colors and color combinations, colors you would see on a day in October; mustard, olive green, rust.

Dominant characteristics are "warm".

Neutrals include, but aren't limited to:

Moss, gray green, pewter, bronze, chocolate

Warm basic palette:

 Soft white, gray green, pewter, stone, coal

Cream, taupe, chocolate, bronze, oatmeal
Lime, moss, sage, mint, light viola
turquoise, aqua, teal, purple, light navy
Dark coral, true red, chili, flame, mandarin orange
Terracotta, amber, apricot, butter, buttercup


Bright and warm

Lighter and brighter than the warm and muted. Their eyes are clearer, and can be warm green, teal blue, turquoise or a clear light hazel. Ivory or porcelain are common skintones, and various shades of reddish or golden blonde to ginger red hair often occur. The overall look of the warm and bright, are lighter, clearer and more delicate than the warm and muted, thus should the deepest colors be switched with lighter ones. People who are warm and bright, suit coral and spring green better than forest green and pumpkin orange.

Some celebrity examples:
Nicole Kidman (pictured), Amy Adams, Sarah Ferguson (duchess of York), Reba McIntyre, Conan o'Brien

Add-on colors:

Cream, lemon yellow, light gold, yellow green

Light moss, true green, lazuli, salmon pink
Coral, watermelon, light peach, peach


Warm and muted

The warm and muted have a deeper look with less contrasts. Their eyes are softer, often topaz, hazel, amber brown, warm green or a muted teal. Like the warm and bright, red hair isn't uncommon, but the warm and muted often have darker hair, such as auburn, dark golden blonde or a darker red. They should avoid all light outfits, as well as steering clear of very bright pieces of clothing or accessories. Forest green and pumpkin orange look great, whereas coral and spring green are a tad too bright.

Some celebrity examples:
Julianne Moore (Pictured), Lindsay Lohan, Tilda Swinton, Marcia Cross, 

Add-on colors:

 Mustard, camel, golden brown, mahogany

Coffee, olive green, evergreen, salmon pink
Dark salmon pink, tomato, rust red, pumpkin

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