23 November, 2010


Obviously, people who belong to one of the light color groups, have light features. Light hair, light eyes, and more or less light skin. Blonde is a common hair color, and depending whether one leans towards the cooler end (light and cool) or the warmer end (light and warm), it can be anything from light strawberry to ash to golden. However, you will also find some light brunettes, here. When getting gray, the color is more of a golden gray (light and warm), or a cool or blonde gray (light and cool).

Besides being light, the lights have low-contrasting features. Their eyes, hair and skin blends softly, and have a delicate feel. Often, they feel like filling in their eyebrows, as they often can be very fair. Lights should not overdo their makeup, though, as very dark brows and heavy makeup tends to look clown-like. A lights' worst enemy, would be hard, dark colors; they will simply seem to swallow the light person.

When choosing an outfit, go for light color combinations, or light + dark. For instance, an ivory colored top and a cocoa colored jacket. The lights are fairly neutral, and are therefore often taken for a soft season. Lights would be silk, whilst softs would be velvet. It is also worth mentioning that lights have a hard time getting a natural tan, as they easily burn in the sun.

Light, delicate.

Neutrals include, but aren't limited to:

Taupe, cocoa, stone, pewter

Light basic palette:

 Soft white, taupe, cocoa, stone, pewter,

Ivory, cream, light gray, medium gray, butter
Sage, apple green, light blue green, turquoise, light teal
Mint, light aqua, petrol, sky blue, light viola
Cornflower, light navy, violet, purple, pastel pink
 Dusty rose, blush pink, geranium, light apricot, rose brown


Light and warm

Appears quite neutral, but leans towards the warm side. Often a peaches 'n' cream, ivory or pale beige complexion. The eyes are often blue, blue green, aqua, light green or a very light hazel, and are usually brighter than seen with the light and cool. Although the light and warm are, as the name implies, on the warm side, its somewhat neutral nature allows it to borrow some cooler colors like blush pink and turquoise as well. However, the light and warm looks better in lemon yellow and coral, than in seafoam green and icy pink.

Some celebrity examples:
Kate Hudson (pictured), Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, Renee Zellweger, Owen Wilson

Add-on colors:

 Yellow cream, lemon yellow, light gold, yellow green

Light moss, true green, lazuli, salmon pink
Coral, watermelon, light peach, peach


Light and cool

Appears rather neutral, but leans towards the cooler end of the spectrum. Softer and more delicate than the light and warm. The eyes are often a soft blue, gray or blue gray, but light green also occurs. When comparing the eyes of a light and cool to the eyes of a light and warm, the former seems hazier and softer, as if looking at them through a sheer, pale veil. When putting together an outfit, the light and cool should keep the color combinations light and low in contrast, as high contrasting, dark outfits look both unnatural and unflattering. The light and cool shares many colors with the light and warm, but suits, to mention a couple, bluebell and lavender better than light moss and salmon pink.

Some celebrity examples:
Naomi Watts (pictured), Jodie Foster, Michelle Pfeiffer, January Jones, Anderson Cooper

Add-on colors:

 Eau de nil, seafoam green, icy pink, powder pink,
Orchid, soft fuchsia, rose, icy violet,
Lavender, amethyst, icy gray, bluebell

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