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Are you interested in receiving personalized tips and advice - free of charge?

A quite popular feature with my old blog, Manet, was the ability the readers had to send me their photos of themselves and get style and color advice from me. No matter what size, shape, age or gender you are - I will personalize my advice to YOU. I am not an educated color consultant or stylist, yet I believe I have gotten the hang of it. I will answer you as soon as possible, but please do bear in mind I may be busy with studies at times. However, no matter how busy I am, you will get an answer in reasonable time!

Online color analysis
Do people say you look tired, even though you slept well all night long? Are you tired of buying heaps of clothes in a myriad of colors, clueless of what colors you look good in? Or do you perhaps simply have an urge to know what color group you "belong" to?

By looking at your pictures and doing some test draping (in short, putting various colors up against your face) on my computer, I will do my best to tell you what colors I believe are correct for you. I will give you my opinion on your best colors, which colors to avoid like the plague, color combinations, flattering makeup, and so forth.

I order to do this, I will need:
  • A picture of your face, without makeup, in natural daylight
  • A close-up picture of your eyes, without makeup, preferably in natural daylight (if you wear tinted lenses, please do not wear them in the pictures)
  • Optional: More pictures of you wearing different colors up against your face
  • If your hair is dyed: A description and/or picture of your original hair color 
Sometimes, a good picture of yourself as a kid can be quite useful too, but I will only ask for that if I am not sure of my analysis.

Shape analysis
Do you have problems figuring out what kind of clothes to wear? Do you want a new pair of jeans, but have no idea what suits your frame? Do you simply want to know what shape you are the most like? Or perhaps you would like to know what kind of glasses or earrings or hair cut you should opt for next?

By sending me some pictures of yourself, I will do my best to tell you what body shape you are, how to emphasize your assets, and possibly draw the attention away from the areas you might not be as comfortable with.

In order to do this, I will need:
  • A picture of your body, from top to toe, preferably wearing a tight outfit (yes, I know this might be unpleasant! However, as I cannot see you in 3D, a tight fitting outfit will give me a better clue what your body looks like - thus what kind of clothes and accessories which will flatter your body). Please keep your arms straight down. The best thing would be three pictures: One from the front, one from the side, and one from the back
  • Optional: Pictures of you wearing outfits you think you suit or do not suit 
 If you want to know your face shape:
  • A frontal close-up picture of your face. Please keep your hair away from your face. The lighting does not matter, as long as I can clearly see the shape of your face. Please make sure the picture is not taken from above or below, as that will distort the face shape in the picture, thus making it harder for me

Style advice
Tired of never finding your style? Do you sigh in despair when looking through fashion magazines because you do not feel like you can pull anything off? Do you wish inspiration for a new look?

With this kind of inquiry, I do not ask for pictures! Instead, I try to find a style which can suit your personality, your lifestyle and your desires. I will send you (hopefully) inspirational outfits made with Polyvore, as well as giving you tips for how to achieving a look on a budget, no matter how small, and how you can jazz up any outfit with the right finishing touches.

In order to do this, I will need:
  • Tell me about yourself. Your age, your lifestyle (for instance mother of small children, very athletic, student), if you have a style restricting job, colors you like/dislike, styles you like/dislike, current style (or perhaps lack thereof?), hobbies, interests, etc. 
Color + Shape + Style
The most popular thing, is a combination of all three. I will give you advice regarding your best (and worst!) colors, your body shape, your face shape, makeup, hair and direct style inspiration! I will need all the required information in the bullet points, but in turn, you will get a lot of tips and advice which hopefully will last you through years to come! And do not forget, it is free of charge!

If anything sparked your interest, feel free to mail me at: vainvillain [at] mail [dot] com

All photos and information you send me will IMMEDIATELY be deleted after finished analysis/advice. You may rest assured I will NEVER keep any personal information about you. I will never publish any of the content we share unless you give me your approval.

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