The blog
"The Vain Villain" is a blog with its main focus on beauty and style, but does also incorporate art, architecture, as well as more or less mindless ramblings. It is not a very personal blog - you will not find half naked party pictures of me here, nor will you get intimate details about my personal life (phew!). This blog is the daughter/son of my former blog, Manet (in Norwegian. Click here to read it in Google Translate's "English"), which pretty much revolved around the same themes. Something which turned out to be quite popular with the old blog, was the ability the readers had to send in questions regarding for example what colors and styles to wear. I have, of course, decided to continue offering this service. Check it out here, if you are interested.

My aim with this blog, is to seperate myself from the myriad of, dare I say it, generic fashion blogs. By all means, I do not say I am any better than any other blogger. However, I wish to include more versatile tips and advice, rather than solely focusing on the latest trends. Of course, I cannot simply avoid all that stuff as I am very intrigued by fashion shows and the fashion scene in general, but I do put an emphasis on helping you guys, my readers, with anything style or beauty related!

I will also stress the fact that I do not promote any non-cruelty free beauty brands. When I mention any beauty product on this blog, you can be sure it is cruelty free! However, I am not vegan, so I cannot assure you all the brands are vegan as well. And, of course, you will not find any tips regarding the latest in fur coats here either.

The villain
Ok, so I am not really a villain - but villains are generally quite awesome! Anyhow, my name is Elisabeth, and I am a Norwegian girl in my early 20's. Currently, I am a Norwegian in exile, living in Denmark where I study the gloriously fascinating science which is psychology. Pre-psychology studies, I studied art history (theoretical) and classical figurative art (practical) in Norway.

Besides psychology and everything fashion related, I am very interested in music, art, drawing and painting, nature, horror and gore (especially the cheesy vintage kind), history, animals (dogs in particular), the occult, old Hollywood, sub-cultures, 80's/90's movies, cartoons, astronomy, computers, old point-and-click games, computer and console games, mystery novels, languages, tribal cultures, body modification, and so the list goes on...


  1. I love your blog! I just spent hours ready it all :-)