18 December, 2010

A delayed apology...

...for not updating! However, truth to be told, I won't be able to update until I finish my exam the 22th of December. I have another exam in the beginning of January, too, so it'll be hectic!  Studying, trying to move from one apartment to another (I still have some stuff left, eek!), and put an illness upon all that, and you've got my past few weeks. I'm sorry I couldn't get the body shape posts up before X-mas, but hopefully everything will be up before the end of the month. I'll also put up some tips for outfits you could wear for New Year's Eve. :)

See you soon (I promise)!

09 December, 2010

Body shapes: Pear

Alongside with the rectangular shapes, the pear body shapes are what I stumble the most upon. The uttermost basic classification of a pear shape, is that they have wider (lower)hips than shoulders. This in turn means that the pear stores most of her weight on the lower part on her body. Their upper bodies are a lot more slender than their lower body, and they may, or may not, have a defined waist, and the lower body is shorter in length. Usually, their breasts are small in size (since breasts consist of fat), which results in a bony chest if you are skinny, and their shoulders are narrow. Whereas some pears may store fat in the lower areas of the belly, most of it goes "straight to the thighs". Also, many pears have saddlebags and/or a big bum, and chunky calves with little definition are indeed common.

The pear shape is usually the easiest to recognize. However, if you don't know whether your breasts would be classified as small or big, whether your bum is flat or round, or perhaps where you tend to put on weight, take a look at yourself in skintight clothes with your arms down, in front of a full-length mirror. Now, are your shoulders (measured from the shoulder bone rather than the upper arm) smaller than your hips (the widest part of your lower body, usually across the bum)? Are your hips wider than your midsection? If you answered "yes" to these two questions, then you are most likely a pear.

Some famous pears: Hillary Clinton, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Shakira, Kirstie Alley, Kristin Davis

To sum the shape definitions up before we proceed:
  • Lower body are wider
  • Tends to need a larger size in pants and skirts than tops
  • Often chunky calves
  • Small breasts
  • Narrow shoulders
  • May or may not have a defined waist
  • Stores fat in the lower body
  • Saddlebags are common
  • May have a big or a slightly drooping bum
  • Longer upper body
What to wear (and what to avoid)
Make the body appear in proportion. Make the lower body appear smaller, and put an emphasis on the upper body.

  • Choose darker colors on the lower body, and go for lighter and brighter colors, patterns and details on the upper body
  • Avoid details on your lower body, especially around the hips and bum. Avoid horizontal seams across your hips
  • Avoid side pockets, and back pockets if your bum is big. Choose a slit version instead, or no pockets at all
  • Carry your bags high. That is, keep them above your lower body. If the straps on the bag are long, make them shorter by adding new holes
  • Go for tops and jackets that visually broaden your shoulders and draw the attention. Think shoulder pads, wide and high necklines, an eye-catching collar, horizontal seaming, spaghetti-straps, double breasted jackets, patterns and other details
  • 3/4-lenght sleeves are great as they accomodate in drawing the eye towards the upper body
  • You have a slender upper body - show it off! Hiding in boxy tops that fall straight from your shoulders to your hips will only make you appear heavier than you are
  • Jackets should end at the hip-bone, coats should be knee-lenght
  • Make sure tops end at the hip bone (not the widest part of the hip!) or mid-thigh. If your thighs are heavy, you are better off with shorter tops than those that cut across your thighs
  • Avoid capris and anything that is calf or ankle lenght
  • The best skirt and dress length is an inch below or below the knee. Minis or calf-lenght are not for you. Avoid pencil skirts and bias-cut. Wide skirts such as an a-line would be your best bet
  • Patterns on skirts are usually a no-no for the pear shape, but it often works when the pattern is busy with very little negative space (the "holes" between the pattern which reveal the underlying color of the skirt)
  • Grecian, empire-line dresses with a high, wide neckline works great. Avoid skin tight dresses as they reveal any lump and bump
  • Go for bootcut, flare or wide jeans and pants rather than straight and skinny leg
  • When choosing jeans, avoid stonewashed or distressed variants, especially those with whiskering on the thighs. Go for a darker wash instead
  • Your best shoes are knee-lenght boots or as open shoes as possible. Avoid ankle boots and ankle straps, as they will make your calves appear thicker. If you wish to wear ankle boots, make sure your pants or jeans hide them as much as possible, or if wearing with a skirt/dress; make sure it blends color-wise with your thights (which again should blend with the skirt)
  • Go for heavy and chunky heels, such as a straight cone/square shape or a wedge. Platforms are great. Kitten heels and thin stilettos are not for you, nor are completely flat shoes
  • You wish to visually lenghten your lower body as it is shorter than your upper body. Wearing heels with pants that gently sweep the floor and disguise the heel works wonders. High-waisted skirts or pants are also a nice bet. Make sure your shoes never are lighter or brighter than your pants/skirt. If you don't wear tights to a skirt or a dress, choose a shoe in the same color as the dress/skirt or the color of your skin

Examples of flattering outfits for a pear shape:

Examples of UNflattering outfits for a pear shape:

If you have ANY questions, feel free to leave a comment!

04 December, 2010


In the following days, I'll be a busy bee, so I won't be able to blog until Wednesday. However, please feel free to ask me all your questions, and I'll answer all of them when I'm back.

See you in a few days!

01 December, 2010

Female body shapes

One thing which is so common for a lot of women, is judging what'll look good on them depending on what size they wear, or what the scale says. And thus, they believe that if they are a size 10, and the tag says "size 10", it'll fit them perfectly. Yet, when looking in the mirror, they might feel that something's off. Perhaps the dress doesn't fit at all over the hips, despite being labeled a 10. Or perhaps it's way too big around the midsection. Frustrated, the women leave the dress behind and may even start feel bad. Surely, if they are a size 10, and the dress says 10, then why won't it fit?

In their program, "Undress The Nation", fashion gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine proved that even if the label matches your size, a piece of clothing might not fit well, if at all. They gathered a large group of women which all declared themselves to be the same size. Then, each women got one identical dress in the corresponding size. Finally, it was revealed that despite being the "correct" size, the dress looked different on about every woman in the room.

The point, which I'm slowly, yet steady, approaching, is that you shouldn't pick clothes after mere size. Instead, try to pick pieces of clothing that fits your body shape.

You might have stumbled upon terms such as "hourglass", "apple", "pear" or "banana". These aren't just fruits or a depiction of time. No, these are descriptive terms for our body shapes. Or, what I prefer to call them, umbrella terms for our body shapes.

Basically, each of these terms refer to the outline of our body (as decided by the way our skeleton is built). Also, they are indicators of where we store our fat. Let me break down each of these for you:
  • Banana: Also known as ruler, boy-ish or rectangle. May be long and lean, or shorter and broader. Hips and shoulders are in proportion. Little to no waist. Body fat is evenly distributed through the body
  • Apple: Also referred to as top heavy. The upper body is wider and heavier than the lower body. Slender hips. Breasts come in all sizes. Little to no midsection. The classic apple has a protruding belly, and the midsection is the widest part. Body fat is mainly concertrated on the upper body
  • Pear: Aslo referred to as bottom heavy. The lower body is bigger than the top. Hips are broader than the shoulders, and the upper body is usually slender with medium to small breasts. The classic pear has wide hips with saddlebags, a small decolleté, a slight waist and heavy and undefined calves. Body fat is stored on the lower half
  • Hourglass: Hips and shoulders are in proportion, and the waist is visibly smaller. No matter the weight, the hourglass retains a smaller waist. Even if the hourglass loses a lot of weight, she will still inhibit her curves. The classic hourglass has medium to big breasts, full hips and a waist that is 20-25 cm smaller than the hips. Body fat is evenly stored throughout the body, but it's also common for the sub-types of hourglasses to store the weight around the hips and lower belly
As our clothes lie on the outside of our body and follow our outlines, the most rational thing is to choose according to our outline rather than our size. For instance, a size 12 banana might look better in a sheath dress than a size 2 hourglass. A few common misconceptiona, are that the term hourglass refer to all ladies over a certain style, that all bananas are very skinny, that all apples have barrel-like upper bodies, and that all pears have no breasts and a saggy butt. Let me just get this straight right now: That's a whole lot of crap! All the shapes come in all sizes and a myriad of variations! You'll find apples with flat stomachs, and pears with the perkest butts in town. You'll find size 20 bananas, and size 0 hourglasses.

In the following posts, I explain the sub-shapes and give tips to how you can dress your shape:


In the body shape posts, it's worth noting that I use my "own" terms on the various sub-types. Despite referring to Trinny and Susannah's episode about body shapes, I'm not using their terminology. However, I can warmly reccomend they book, The Body Shape Bible. My shape isn't there, but it still cover many different body shapes, and they share a lot of great tips. Nor do I use the marvelous Gok Wan's body shape terms. He even has a nifty little calculator up at Channel 4's website. Trinny and Susannah did have a calculator up at Littlewood's websites for some time, but unfortunately, it's nowhere to be found for the moment. While I'm at talking about body shape calculators, be sure to check out Shop Your Shape, if calculators are down your alley.

A few ways to identify your shape
  • Wear either something very tight or nothing and look at yourself in a mirror. If you were to describe your body, what would you say? Big breasts? A wasp-like waist? Heavy legs? Big upper arms? A flat bum? Don't say anything like "fat" or "skinny". Look at each part, and compare them to the rest of the body. Compare what you just described to pictures or descriptions of the body shapes
  • Measure your shoulders, breasts, waist and hips, and compare the measurements to what each body shape description says
  • Pay attention to where you store your fat when gaining or losing weight
  • Ask a friend to look at you with his/her objective glasses on. What shape would he/she say you look the most like?
I would like to say that you shouldn't worry if you don't match 100% up with a body shape. Most people don't. Even if the beforementioned body shapes have sub-types, it doesn't mean that there still are variations on a theme! Dress according to YOUR body, and use the body types as guidelines, rather than rules carved in stone.

    30 November, 2010

    The magic of clothing: The belly

    In this series, I'll show you how clothing and accessories can help any "problem area" disappear. In this first part, I'll talk about ways to conceal a belly - a sought after tip in this festive season.

    • A darker top under a lighter jacket/cardigan. While light top + dark jacket is a common combination, a darker top makes the belly go away as by magic! When teamed with a lighter color, the darker color recedes and seems to shrink. It's worth noting that "darker" doesn't have to translate to "black". Any color will do, as long as it's darker than the jacket/cardigan!
    • Empire tops and dresses (high waisted - over your natural waist, below your bust). However, avoid excessive pleating and gathering, as that'll only make your belly appear bigger. Note: Soft pleating works
    • Somewhat loose-fitting (not tent-like!) tops that softly skim your belly
    • Vertical ruching on the sides or down the middle of the top. The folds will disguise any roll or lump and bump, and as by magic, the ruching makes the belly vanish
    • V-necks and similar open necklines
    • Colorful shoes which draw the attention away from the belly. Wedges are particularly good
    • Pants and skirts with a side-zip, rather than the usual frontal zipper
    • Pants and skirts which hit slightly under, or across your belly button
    • Pants with straight, bootcut or wide legs
    • Earrings and necklaces draw the focus away from the belly
    • Long, lean jackets and coat which are open. By not closing your jacket, it'll divide the top half in three narrow parts
    • Shaped, structured jackets with one button right under the bust
    • Vertical stripes and seams
    • A top with narrow stripes, particularly when paired with a jacket, works wonders for slimming the figure. Where large vertical stripes broaden, the skinny stripes works almost as a ladder - enabling the eye to climb upwards, thus creating a slimming effect
    • Patterns work nicely if they are medium sized and dense. Sparse patterns appear to enlarge an area, where dense, medium sized patterns "confuse" the eye, and blur the area - making the wearer appear slimmer
    • Hold in/Shape wear physically slims down your figure

    • Pants and skirts with very high, or very low, waist
    • Details around the midsection! Avoid pleating, horizontal pockets and so on in this area
    • Large, shapeless pieces of clothing won't make you look smaller!
    • ...nor will skin tight clothes. Especially not those in shiny or textured fabrics!
    • Drainpipe jeans/Skinny pants is like an arrow pointing at your upper body
    • Pants and skirts with a pleated waist. If desiring pleated skirts, choose those where the pleating starts at the hips
    • Tucking tops into pants or skirts
    • Belting the waist will only draw attention to it

      Examples of belly slimming outfits in various styles:
      hiding tum - young

      hiding tum - adult

      hiding tum - mature

      (Click the pictures to view product information)

      29 November, 2010

      Hungry for some fashion?

      First off, please excuse the rather obvious and very lame title. Apparently, my creativity has hit rock bottom. Alas!

      Anyhow! Right now I'm in the middle of moving to a new place as well as studying for my exams, so I've got less time on my hands than desired to do the planned body shape posts. However, fear not, the posts are coming sooner than you think! Meanwhile, whilst browsing one of my favourite blogs, Tom & Lorenzo, I came across this rather jaw dropping eye candy I absolutely had to share with you.

      All the garments are mady by the incredibly talented Korean artist Sung Yeun Ju. She makes wonderful pieces using food rather than fabric. Yes, that's right. FOOD. The concept isn't new, but this is the first time I've seen it done this well. Take a look at that bubble gum dress (and the bubble gum top on her website)! To me, it looks like a watercolor painting. You'll find more pieces on her site.

      (Made out of tomatoes)

      (Made out of red onion)

      (Made out of bubble gum)

      (Made out of shrimp)

      (Made out of eggplant)

      27 November, 2010

      Face shapes

      Human beings differ in what seems to be an endless well of ways. Just as coloring and body shape are different, so are our faces. And by faces, I don't only mean the features of our face, such as the size of our nose, the shape of our eyes, the fullness of our lips, and so forth. I'm talking about the shape of the face.

      Some people have a broad jaw, other people have a strong chin, other people have a small forhead, other people have high cheekbones, and so the list goes on. Our face shape is the geometrical contour of our face. Take a good look at your self in the mirror. If your hair is long, pull it back. Same goes for bangs. Now, use a lipstick, eyeliner or whatever you have that can be scrubbed away. Whilst looking straight into the mirror, try to follow the contours of your face by drawing at the mirror. Don't look at your ears, or hair or nose or anything else; just the facial contour. You might find it easier to focus on the contour if shutting one eye, or squinting. Now, take a step back. What does the shape look like? Which geometrical shape would you compare it to?

      I will get in more detail about each shape, but first, let's do a quick summary of each face shape, shall we?
      • Long: Visibly longer than wide, with a soft jaw line
      • Rectangle: Visibly longer than wide, with a square jaw line
      • Round: About as wide as it is long. The cheeks are the widest point
      • Square: Almost as wide as it is long. You can draw a vertical line from the forehead, cheek bones to jaw line. Strong, square jaw line
      • Inverted triangle: Wide forehead, high cheek bones and a narrow chin
      • Heart: Wide forehead, high cheek bones and a narrow chin. Differs from the inverted triangle with its widow's peak
      • Diamond: Wide cheekbones, about equally narrow chin and forehead. Basically a mix between a dramatic oval and a heart (yet with a narrower forehead)
      • Pear: Very narrow forehead. The shape is gradually widening towards a full, rounded jaw
      • Triangle: Narrow forehead, almost vertical line from cheek bones to the strong, square jaw. The jaw might be slightly wider than the cheek bones
      • Oval: Shaped like an egg. Slopes softly from the cheek bones to the jaw. The forehead is wider than the jaw. Considered ideal due to its neutral features
      I will now share some tips to looking your best, no matter what face shape you've got. I personally find all shapes just as beautiful, but the aim with these tips is to work with the shape, rather than against it. When wearing the "wrong" kind of hair style or accessories, your shape might appear jarringly exaggerated. The goal is to make it more oval, or neutral, yet still retaining the shape you've got.


      Long and rectangle

      • Avoid flat, long clunks of hair running down the sides of your face. This will only make your face look longer. For a rectangular face, this will also make your jaw look more angular
      • Choose styles with width around the temples and ears. This will make your face appear wider, thus shorter
      • Often, people with long or rectangular faces have a big forehead. For those with a long face, heavy, long bangs will be flattering. The rectangular faces should opt for softer, more diagonally cut bangs. Diagonal bangs will soften a strong jaw line
      • The most flattering length, would be medium to medium long. If lusting long, lucious locks, add volume to the hair in the area around your neck and nape. Very short hair will display the length of your face full on
      • Avoid hair styles which are high on the crown. High hair will only make your face appear longer
      • If you have a rectangular face, you should avoid very angular hair styles. Angular hair styles with sharp edges bring forth each angular line in your face. As the rectangular shaped face often wants to make the jaw line appear softer, angular hair styles will work against this goal
      • The rectangle should avoid center parting, whereas the long face looks great with it 
      • Contour your hair line and blend down towards your forehead, as well as on and under your chin. Use a highlighter on the top of your cheeks and at the temples
      •  Rectangular faces could also contour on their jaw line and blend upwards to soften the angular jaw. If one with a long face would want to broaden their jaw, the jaw contouring would be placed under, and following, the jaw line, up towards the back side of the ear
      • Apply blush on the apple of the cheek, and pull the blusher slightly and very softly up diagonally on top of the cheek bones
      • Long face shapes suit flat, straight brows, whereas the rectangular face needs more of a defined arch 
      • Tall, broad glasses with an accentuated top rim or decorative temples are a flattering choice. The rectangular face could benefit from a more oval shape of the glasses
      • Hats should be big and wide rather than small and narrow
      • Avoid long earrings. The rectangular face shaped person should avoid all rectangular shaped earrings, and instead opt for more rounded shapes
      • The rectangular shaped should avoid square necklines, and instead go for more rounded ones
      Sarah Jessica Parker has a long face shape, whereas Angelina Jolie's face is more rectangular



      • Go for height at the crown to make the face appear longer
      • Don't conceal the forehead completely. If sporting bangs, enable at least some part of the hairline to shine through
      • The most flattering bangs for your face shape, are long, diagonal ones. Heavy, long or short bangs, are less so
      • Keep your hair close to your head in the area around your ears
      • A short pixie crops and short bobs will only emphasize the roundness of your face. Medium long to long hair flatters your shape the most
      • Curls at the sides of your head will only make your hair look wider. If wanting, or having, curly hair, curls below the chin would be more flattering
      • Contour along the sides of your face and under your cheekbones. Highlight on the top of your cheekbones, down your nose and on the middle of your forehead and chin
      • Apply blush under the apple of your chin, and sweet it diagonally upwards towards your temples - basically, follow your cheekbones
      • Very high arched brows flatter a round face
      • Avoid wide, tall and round glasses. Opt for angular ones instead. Upswept, angular styles are also very flattering
      • Avoid round necklines. A narrow v-shaped neckline is by far a lot more flattering
      • Go for long earrings. Short, wide and circular earrings will only emphasize the width of your face 
      Charlotte Church and Kirsten Dunst both have round faces


      • Avoid too much width at the sides of the faces. Instead, add volume below the jaw
      • Instead of straight, angular styles, opt for more organic shapes such as waves and use layers to frame the face. However, if you have short hair, keep the hair closer to your head and use layers to add life
      • Choose a side parting rather than a center parting. Asymmetry is key when being the owner of a square face
      • Where blunt bangs only will make your jaw look more angular, side swept, diagonal bangs will flatter
      • Medium to medium long hair suits a square face very much. A shoulder length, wavy bob with side swept bangs is one of the most flattering hair styles for this face shape
      • Showing everything, or nothing, of the forehead, will only emphasize the square jaw. Use bangs or layers to conceal some of the forehead
      • Contour your face at the sides of the forehead and the top of the jaw. When blending the contour from the jaw, make sure you blend upwards, and avoid contouring under the jaw line, or behind the ear. Highlight the cheekbones and down the middle of your face
      • Use blush at the apple of your cheek. Sweep the excess of your brush gently up along the cheekbone
      • Soft, gentle brows will disappear on an angular face. Instead, define your brows with color and shape. Curved or angular arched brows looks very nice on this face shape
      • If wearing a hat, choose one that is asymmetric and has a prominent, high crown
      • Avoid angular glasses, especially those with low-set temples or color accents at the lower rim. More oval or round shapes will look a lot better, as it will soften the strong jaw. Butterfly shaped glasses are also a flattering choice. Choose glasses that have more width than depth
      • Choose earrings that are longer than they are wide. However, make sure they end above or under the jaw, never right at it. By choosing organic, more oval shapes, the jaw line is softened
      • V-shaped and deep, rounded necklines are far more flattering than those which echo the shape of your face, such as square necklines. Also, do keep in mind that very wide necklines might appear to widen your face
      • Short angular necklaces, chokers and generally anything that wraps around your neck, will give an illusion of a wider and a more square face, especially if you have a short neck (which many square faced persons appear to have)
      Rosario Dawson and Demi Moore both have square shaped faces


      Inverted triangle and heart

      • Bangs or center parting look great. Side parting without bangs or a bare forehead; not so much 
      • Avoid too much width above the ears - keep the width and volume around the jaw and chin area instead. This hair style, sported by Julia Roberts, is a perfect example
      • Keep the top layers of the hair soft and long. Avoid spiky, short hair around the crown
      • Long layers that frame the face are an excellent choice. Jennifer Aniston's famous 90's hair is a perfect example of a flattering layered style for heart/inverted triangle shaped faces
      • A chin-length (or longer) bob with tapered ends are very flattering as they balance the forehead
      • Contour along your hairline and the sides of your forehead and temples. Highlight your chin (unless it protrudes very much - then you're better off contouring softly underneath it) and you jaw
      • Apply blush on the apples of the cheeks and softly blend it diagonally towards the middle of the ear
      • Rounded, curved brows suit the inverted triangle/heart very well. If your face is short, go for a high arched round brow
      • Slender, rounded or square styles are nice picks. Go for bottom heavy frames or rimless glasses, as well as those with low-set temples. Avoid decorative temples, top heavy styles and very wide glasses
      • Medium long and wide earrings are your best choices. Avoid those which echo the shape of your face, that is a heart or an inverted triangle. You could instead opt for a more bottom heavy look to your earrings
      • Avoid long, narrow necklaces and v-necks, as that only with emphasize the narrowness of your chin and the width of your forehead. A more rounded or square neckline would be a better choice
      Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Love Hewitt



      • Styles with width around the temples and ears as well as the chin area are flattering. Most bangs are your best friend - both heavy, blunt ones, and breezier side-swept ones. Avoid short bangs and height at the crown, as well as short hair which follows the shape of the head, as the latter only will over-exaggerate the face shape.
      • The perfect length is chin-length or longer. If short hair, the most flattering style would be bangs with soft wispy sides. Where the Aniston haircut of the 90's would be perfect for the heart/inverted triangle shaped face, it wouldn't suit a diamond shape. A flattering variation would be to add bangs
      • Hair that is longer than the jaw, should be somewhat organic, either in the form of curls, waves or soft layers. A bob or long hair with waves and heavy bangs would be perfect for this face shape
      • Contour the sides of your cheekbones, and highlight your temples, the sides of your forehead and along your jaw
      • Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks
      • Curved, arched brows look great on a diamond face shape. Rounded shapes are also good
      • Upswept/cateye, oval and rimless glasses are very flattering. Frames with details at the top are a good choice. Avoid narrow styles and glasses which are wider than your cheekbones
      • Earrings should be wider on the bottom, such as tear drop, pear or triangle shaped styles. Oval shapes are also flattering
      • A narrow v-neck will only emphasize the narrowness of the jaw and chin. Aim for wider or more rounded necklines instead
      • Wide-brimmed hats are flattering as they widen your forehead
      Elizabeth Hurley and Sophia Loren are two well-known diamond face shape owners


      Pear and triangle

      • Avoid width and volume around the jaw line. Instead, add width, volume and height to the temples
      • Never end a hair style at the widest point of the jaw. Short or medium length is ideal. If being a long hair lover, add wispy layers and keep the hair tight at the nape area. The Farrah-cut would be anything but flattering, so avoid wispy outwards-turning layers like the plague. Short hair should not have bangs that fall over the forehead and eyes, nor should the hair at the temples be close to the head
      • Keep the hair style organic and flowy rather than angular with sharp edges
      • Long side-swept bangs and a side-parting are great for these shapes. A center part will work well if you don't have a short forehead
      • A long bob with fullness at the temples and which tapers down towards the jaw, is a flattering cut. The same goes for a long style with large natural waves and slightly teased long bangs
      • Contour along the jaw and blend it upwards (don't contour under the jaw and behind the ear! Keep the contouring in front of the ear), and contour along the cheekbones to make it pop out. If having a strong chin, do also contour below at, and on the sides of it. Highlight the temples and sides of your forehead, as well as along your cheekbones
      • Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks and upwards in a v-shape along the cheekbones towards your temples
      • Keep the eyebrows strong to balance out the heavy jaw.  Angled or curved, arched brows are a nice choice. Keep the top of the arch defined and sharp
      • Glasses should be top heavy. Cateye/up-swept styles, semi-rimless (rimless at the bottom) and glasses with color or details on the top of the frame would be good choices. Avoid small, narrow frames and low-set temples
      • Avoid triangular-shaped jewelery, both necklaces and earrings. The earrings should be longer than they are wide, and not end at the jaw
      • Narrow necklines would be flattering, same goes for long, narrow necklaces. Avoid chokers and chunky necklaces
      Ali Larter and Kathy Ireland



      Due to the neutral nature of the oval face, there are no specific tips besides avoiding very short layers, as they can make your face seem long. The perfect brow shape for the oval face, is considered to be the soft angled shape, and a good way to apply blush is to sweep it up towards the temples.

      Charlize Theron and Jessica Alba

      25 November, 2010

      My current obsession

      I'm a girl who LOVE lipsticks, especially a blood or wine red one! However, due to the increasingly colder weather, I have hidden my lippies in my cave (For everyday use, that is! No party look without my beloved lipsticks!), and find myself leaving the apartment with *ghasp* my natural lip color!

      You see, my beloved minions, I have succumbed to the power of the lip balm. A product I previously used only before going to sleep, I have now started wearing it in the light of day. The reason for this is simply the fact that I think I'm slightly obsessed with my balm, my dear and beloved EOS.

      I was planning on buying the lip balm from Décleor. However, when visiting my family and friends back in Norway, I was so certain my lips were going to wither and die unless I bought myself something moisturizing. I poppet my head into the nearest beauty product shop, and bought myself an EOS lipbalm - a mega hyped product. As I admit I'm weak at resisting widely praised beauty products, I bought one. As they were out of the yellow one with SPF, I got myself the green version ("Honeysuckle honeydew").

      Despite the very non-villainy name, I loved the smell and the feel at first... eh... roll. And now, I can't stop applying it. All day long, despite the funny looks I get when pulling out my egg shaped balm. I love it so much I sleep with it. Ok, not really, but it sits on top of my bedside table, looking rather cute and innocent if I may say so. It moisturizes my lips so well, allowing me to put on my most loved lipsticks when heading out for a night out - despite the cold winds that previously nearly tore up my lips! Sure, there are probably other products out there who do a better job at moisturizing your lips, but I doubt they look as cute, ehe. It's not too expensive either - about 3,30$ from the online store. However, you are able to buy them in physical stores as well. And, of course, they are cruelty friendly! As an added bonus, the balms are 95% organic and completely natural.

      I can't wait for warmer weather which allows me to wear my lipsticks at a daily basis again, but for now, my EOS is my current obsession.

      Note: I have bought this product by myself, and do NOT get paid by advertising for it.

      24 November, 2010


      The deeps are often easily spotted by their dark hair and dark eyes. If you're a natural blonde or have pale eyes, then you can be certain you don't belong to the deep and cool nor the deep and warm. Typical hair colors are deep auburn to chestnut to dark black to blue black. The skintones, however, have a far broader range; you'll find alabaster deeps, olive deeps, beige deeps, caramel brown deeps, cocoa brown deeps, to very dark skinned deeps, to mention some. The common denominators, though, are the deep and rich overall coloring.

      The deeps are truly radiant in black and jewel tones, but also in lighter colors such as ivory and taupe. However, when picking an outfit, they should refrain from wearing only light colors. They should opt for dark colors instead, or a dark + light combination. Dark and bright colors are very flattering to deeps, such as teaming black with turquoise or chili. The deeps are also possibly the ones who do dark makeup the best. Where red lips and darker eyes would overwhelm most people, the deeps have the depth to pull it off. However, not all makeup looks suit them; very light, pale and powdery makeup tend to suck the life out of their vivid coloring.

      Deep and rich. Dark eyes and hair.

      Neutrals include, but aren't limited to:

      Black brown, taupe, coal, dark navy, pewter, black

      Deep basic palette:

       Soft white, ivory, butter, stone, chocolate
      Black brown, taupe, coal, dark navy, pewter
      Lime, moss green, ivy, turquoise, teal
      Emerald, spruce, forest green, cornflower, true blue
      Royal purple, purple, damson, blush pink, true red
      Scarlet, chili, burgundy, aubergine, black


      Deep and cool

      Slightly cooler. Common skintones are olive, beige, dark brown, blue black, alabaster, ivory, cool beige and cool brown, however a slightly cooler bronze isn't a rarity either. The eyes are deep, and deep brown, ebony, hazel or olive. Like the eyes, the hair is dark: dark brown, black, blue black, or even a very dark auburn. The deep and cool looks absolutely brilliant in colors such as peppermint and dark teal, whilst colors like tomato red and mustard are less fortunate.

      Some celebrity examples:
      Eva Longoria (pictured), Penelope Cruz, Alek Wek, Cher, Susan Lucci, Rachel Bilson, Jada Pinkett Smith, Kim Yoon Jin, Anne Hathaway, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, The Jonas Brothers

      Add-on colors:

      White, peppermint, true green, dark teal

      Light blue, viola, violet, plum
      Candy pink, cyclamen, fuchsia, berry pink


      Deep and warm

      The deep and warm have the defining characteristic of "deep", but are also warm in their overall coloring. The skin can be golden brown, honey brown, dark brown, ivory, bronze, warm olive, warm beige or merely golden. The hair is deep, in colors such as deep auburn, chestnut, dark brown or black. Like the hair, the eyes are deep, and often reflect the warmth in the deep and warm's coloring: Hazel, dark brown, ebony, golden brown or rich olive. Like the other tonal groups on the warm side of the spectrum, a golden ring or golden flecks in the pupil are common. The deep and warm looks glorious in colors such as mahogany and evergreen, but cannot successfully pull off the cooler colors of the deep and cool; like candy pink and berry pink.

      Some celebrity examples:
      Leighton Meester (Pictured), Sophia Loren, Kim Kardashian, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes, Natalie Portman, Raquel Welch, Hillary Swank, Daniel Dae Kim, Denzel Washington 

      Add-on colors:

       Mustard, camel, golden brown, mahogany

      Coffee, olive green, evergreen, salmon pink
      Dark salmon pink, tomato, rust red, pumpkin


      The two soft tonal groups, soft and cool and soft and warm, are the most misdiagnosed of all the seasons/tonal groups. Misdiagnosed as people believing they are a light spring rather than a soft and warm, for example, or misdiagnosed as people believing they are a soft, as they feel like their coloring is neutral, and they don't know where else to put themselves.

      The dominant characteristic of the soft groups, are the fact that they appear, well, soft. Very low in contrast, with eyes, skin and hair often blending together, and their skin seems almost neutral, both in hue and saturation. You'll find soft groups among all races. However, they tend to be light-medium/medium/medium-dark in their skin color. They are rarely, if ever, really dark, nor are they pale and delicate like the lights. Their hair is often described as mousy, their eyes are soft and sometimes referred to as muddy, and their skin has an opaque, velvet-like look. However, their coloring isn't boring! It is soft and understated, yes, but they are fortunate enough to suit a wide array of colors - as long as the colors aren't too bright. Personally, I like to call the softs chameleons - they seem to be able to pull off a lot of looks.

      When choosing an outfit, the softs look their best when the outfit is tonal/low in contrast. That means, no bright, high contrasting outfits such as a fuschia top with a black jacket. No, instead opt for colors that blend with each other. Softs best colors are soft in chroma/clarity/saturation and medium intensity (intensity referring to lightness/darkness). Dusty, softly saturated colors like sage and coal blue looks great, whereas hot pink and royal blue are examples of too bright colors. Very light or very dark colors are also overwhelming, to choose a soft white, buff or stone rather than stark white, and charcoal rather than black.

      Soft, muted, neutral.

      Neutrals include, but aren't limited to:


      Pewter, stone, charcoal

      Light navy, rose brown, taupe

      Soft basic palette:

       Soft white, gray green, pewter, stone, coal

      Natural beige, taupe, chocolate, rose brown, cocoa
      Herb, jade, sage, mint, light viola
      Turquoise, sky blue, teal, purple, soft violet
      Light navy, sapphire, coal blue, damson, bordeaux
      Blush pink, geranium, shell, turquoise green, spruce


      Soft and cool

      With the old seasonal analysis system, the soft and cool was often misdiagnosed as a winter, due to not fitting elsewhere. However, the soft and cool is far softer and more muted than any winter (bright and cool, cool and clear, deep and cool). The skin looks quite neutral, but looks better in somewhat cooler colors. Ivory and beige are common skintones, but rose brown and light cocoa aren't unusual either. The eyes are usually soft blue, chocolate brown, hazel, gray green or gray blue. The eye patterns are soft and smudged, echoing their whole coloring. The hair is often described as mousy, devoid of natural highlights; ranging from dark blonde to a medium brown or, when older, a medium gray. Due to this, subtle highlights be very flattering, whereas solid dyes can look flat. The soft and cool will look better in amethyst and soft fuschia than the soft and warm's olive green and light salmon pink.

      Some celebrity examples:
      Jennifer Aniston (pictured), Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Williams, Viggo Mortensen

       Add-on colors:

      Eau de nil, seafoam green, icy pink, powder pink

      Orchid, soft fuchsia, rose, icy violet
      Lavender, amethyst, icy gray, bluebell


      Soft and warm

      The soft and warm is usually lighter than the soft and cool, and is often misdiagnosed as a light and warm. However, whereas the lights are recognized by their delicate skin and fair features, the soft and warm are far more neutral, more medium in intensity, softer in chroma/clarity and the whole coloring is heavier and dustier. The soft and warm are very neutral, but favors slightly warmer colors. The most common skintone is beige, but it isn't uncommon for them to have a cooler overtone to their skin. Their eye patterns are soft and smudged, and common colors include, but isn't limited to, hazel, soft amber, chocolate brown, soft blue, blue green, grey green or topaz. Like all fall groups (which is soft and warm, warm and muted and deep and warm), a golden ring around the black of the eye is common. The hair color is, as stated earlier, often described as flat or mousy, lacking natural highlights, ranging from a golden blonde to dark blonde to medium brown. The contrast between the features is low, so the best colors are soft, dusty and blended. The soft and warm looks great in rust red and light gold, but doesn't suit the seafoam green and rose which flatters the soft and cool.

      Some celebrity examples:
      Drew Barrymore (pictured), Gisele Bundchen, Molly Sims, Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, Kim Raver, David Beckham

      Add-on colors:

        Cream, camel, light gold, golden brown
      Light moss, yellow green, olive green, dark salmon pink
      Salmon pink, rust red, light peach, peach


      The cools are dominated by one particular feature: The lack of warmth in their skin, hair and eyes. Putting warm colors like mustard or chili up again the face of a cool, will make them look downright awful. Their hair colors range from ash blonde to blue black, their eyes from light gray to blue-green to black, and their skin from alabaster white to a very dark brown. However, what all these variations have in common, is the fact that they are all variations on a theme: Having predominantly cool undertones, no warmth whatsoever!

      One easy way to discard the possibility of being a cool, is by holding an orange-based color up against your face. If it doesn't look like you have fallen on your face and aged 10 years in doing so, you don't belong in either of the two cool-dominated groups. If you are a cool, heaps of blue shades awaits, as well as a myriad of grays and blue-based pinks and reds.

      Cool colors, no warmth in skin, hair or eyes

      Neutrals include, but aren't limited to:


       Coal, spruce, teal
       Light gray, medium gray, dark navy 

      Bright basic palette:

        Soft white, taupe, pewter, icy green, rose beige
      Coal, black, light gray, medium gray, dark navy
      Dark blue green, spruce, pine, teal, light teal
      Icy blue, light aqua, duck egg, sky blue, light viola
      Cornflower, sapphire, royal blue, purple, dark viola
      Blue red, baby pink, dark rose, dark pink, cassis


      Cool and muted

      The cool and muted are first and foremost recognized by their lack of warmth in their skin, hair and eyes, but also by the fact that they are light, and compared to the cool and bright; soft/low in contrast. Ash blonde to ash/cool brown are the most common hair colors, with white and cool gray being dominant among the elderly cool and muted. Common eye colors are blue, gray blue, gray, gray green, but may also be blue green or a cool brown. Rose beige, a soft pink and alabaster are frequent skintones, but a cool light brown and beige are also existent. When choosing colors, the cool and muted should steer away from all warm colors, in addition to very bright colors, as the former will make them look sick, and the latter will be overwhelming and look unnatural. Opt for cool shades instead. Soft, yet not very dusty. Although black appears in the basic palette, the cool and muted should avoid wearing it up against their face. Instead, try coal, dark gray or dark navy. The cool and muted looks better in amethyst and eau de nil than stark white and cyclamen.

      Some celebrity examples:
      Sarah Chalke (pictured), Linda Evans, Paulina Porizkova, Kimberly Williams, Candace Bergen, Creed Bratton

       Add-on colors:

      Eau de nil, seafoam green, icy pink, powder pink,
      Orchid, soft fuchsia, rose, icy violet,
      Lavender, amethyst, icy gray, bluebell


      Cool and bright

      The cool and bright are dominantly cool, but are also known for the clarity of their skin and eyes, as well as higher level of contrast than seen with the cool and muted. Their hair is naturally dark, ranging from dark ash brown to blue black, to silvery gray, salt 'n' pepper or white with the elders. The eyes are clear, not as clear as the high vattage brights' eyes, with eye patterns that remind of spokes of a wheel. The eyes may be dark, like a deep blue or almost black, or a bright blue, turquoise or blue-violet. The skin may be rosy pink, clear olive, ivory or alabaster white, to various hues of cool brown. However, no matter what skin or eye color, the cool and bright needs contrasting, strong colors, and should avoid warm, dusty, pastel-like colors. When comparing their own colors to their sister season, the cool and muted, the cool and bright looks better in, amongst others: black and fuchsia rather than lavender and seafoam green.

      Some celebrity examples:
      Lauren Graham (pictured), Brooke Shields, Shania Twain, Rihanna (bordering on cool and muted when pale), George Clooney

      Add-on colors:

      White, peppermint, true green, dark teal

      Powder blue, viola, violet, plum
      Candy pink, cyclamen, fuchsia, berry pink

      23 November, 2010


      Obviously, people who belong to one of the light color groups, have light features. Light hair, light eyes, and more or less light skin. Blonde is a common hair color, and depending whether one leans towards the cooler end (light and cool) or the warmer end (light and warm), it can be anything from light strawberry to ash to golden. However, you will also find some light brunettes, here. When getting gray, the color is more of a golden gray (light and warm), or a cool or blonde gray (light and cool).

      Besides being light, the lights have low-contrasting features. Their eyes, hair and skin blends softly, and have a delicate feel. Often, they feel like filling in their eyebrows, as they often can be very fair. Lights should not overdo their makeup, though, as very dark brows and heavy makeup tends to look clown-like. A lights' worst enemy, would be hard, dark colors; they will simply seem to swallow the light person.

      When choosing an outfit, go for light color combinations, or light + dark. For instance, an ivory colored top and a cocoa colored jacket. The lights are fairly neutral, and are therefore often taken for a soft season. Lights would be silk, whilst softs would be velvet. It is also worth mentioning that lights have a hard time getting a natural tan, as they easily burn in the sun.

      Light, delicate.

      Neutrals include, but aren't limited to:

      Taupe, cocoa, stone, pewter

      Light basic palette:

       Soft white, taupe, cocoa, stone, pewter,

      Ivory, cream, light gray, medium gray, butter
      Sage, apple green, light blue green, turquoise, light teal
      Mint, light aqua, petrol, sky blue, light viola
      Cornflower, light navy, violet, purple, pastel pink
       Dusty rose, blush pink, geranium, light apricot, rose brown


      Light and warm

      Appears quite neutral, but leans towards the warm side. Often a peaches 'n' cream, ivory or pale beige complexion. The eyes are often blue, blue green, aqua, light green or a very light hazel, and are usually brighter than seen with the light and cool. Although the light and warm are, as the name implies, on the warm side, its somewhat neutral nature allows it to borrow some cooler colors like blush pink and turquoise as well. However, the light and warm looks better in lemon yellow and coral, than in seafoam green and icy pink.

      Some celebrity examples:
      Kate Hudson (pictured), Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, Renee Zellweger, Owen Wilson

      Add-on colors:

       Yellow cream, lemon yellow, light gold, yellow green

      Light moss, true green, lazuli, salmon pink
      Coral, watermelon, light peach, peach


      Light and cool

      Appears rather neutral, but leans towards the cooler end of the spectrum. Softer and more delicate than the light and warm. The eyes are often a soft blue, gray or blue gray, but light green also occurs. When comparing the eyes of a light and cool to the eyes of a light and warm, the former seems hazier and softer, as if looking at them through a sheer, pale veil. When putting together an outfit, the light and cool should keep the color combinations light and low in contrast, as high contrasting, dark outfits look both unnatural and unflattering. The light and cool shares many colors with the light and warm, but suits, to mention a couple, bluebell and lavender better than light moss and salmon pink.

      Some celebrity examples:
      Naomi Watts (pictured), Jodie Foster, Michelle Pfeiffer, January Jones, Anderson Cooper

      Add-on colors:

       Eau de nil, seafoam green, icy pink, powder pink,
      Orchid, soft fuchsia, rose, icy violet,
      Lavender, amethyst, icy gray, bluebell