25 November, 2010

My current obsession

I'm a girl who LOVE lipsticks, especially a blood or wine red one! However, due to the increasingly colder weather, I have hidden my lippies in my cave (For everyday use, that is! No party look without my beloved lipsticks!), and find myself leaving the apartment with *ghasp* my natural lip color!

You see, my beloved minions, I have succumbed to the power of the lip balm. A product I previously used only before going to sleep, I have now started wearing it in the light of day. The reason for this is simply the fact that I think I'm slightly obsessed with my balm, my dear and beloved EOS.

I was planning on buying the lip balm from Décleor. However, when visiting my family and friends back in Norway, I was so certain my lips were going to wither and die unless I bought myself something moisturizing. I poppet my head into the nearest beauty product shop, and bought myself an EOS lipbalm - a mega hyped product. As I admit I'm weak at resisting widely praised beauty products, I bought one. As they were out of the yellow one with SPF, I got myself the green version ("Honeysuckle honeydew").

Despite the very non-villainy name, I loved the smell and the feel at first... eh... roll. And now, I can't stop applying it. All day long, despite the funny looks I get when pulling out my egg shaped balm. I love it so much I sleep with it. Ok, not really, but it sits on top of my bedside table, looking rather cute and innocent if I may say so. It moisturizes my lips so well, allowing me to put on my most loved lipsticks when heading out for a night out - despite the cold winds that previously nearly tore up my lips! Sure, there are probably other products out there who do a better job at moisturizing your lips, but I doubt they look as cute, ehe. It's not too expensive either - about 3,30$ from the online store. However, you are able to buy them in physical stores as well. And, of course, they are cruelty friendly! As an added bonus, the balms are 95% organic and completely natural.

I can't wait for warmer weather which allows me to wear my lipsticks at a daily basis again, but for now, my EOS is my current obsession.

Note: I have bought this product by myself, and do NOT get paid by advertising for it.


  1. Hurra for ny blogg! Liker veldig godt den "about" delen om bloggen.

  2. Congrats on the new blog, I really like it (and your header is fantastic!). Can't wait to read your next posts :)

  3. Thanks a bunch, Fleurette and Airam!

    I hope to get more stuff up soon. I've just started translating the face shape posts, and when that's done (which hopefully will be ASAP - unfortunately I'm a busy bee this weekend and next week due to moving into a new place), I'll start translating and expanding the body shape posts. :)

  4. Fell in love with your blog <3 keep up the good work:O))

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