24 November, 2010


The deeps are often easily spotted by their dark hair and dark eyes. If you're a natural blonde or have pale eyes, then you can be certain you don't belong to the deep and cool nor the deep and warm. Typical hair colors are deep auburn to chestnut to dark black to blue black. The skintones, however, have a far broader range; you'll find alabaster deeps, olive deeps, beige deeps, caramel brown deeps, cocoa brown deeps, to very dark skinned deeps, to mention some. The common denominators, though, are the deep and rich overall coloring.

The deeps are truly radiant in black and jewel tones, but also in lighter colors such as ivory and taupe. However, when picking an outfit, they should refrain from wearing only light colors. They should opt for dark colors instead, or a dark + light combination. Dark and bright colors are very flattering to deeps, such as teaming black with turquoise or chili. The deeps are also possibly the ones who do dark makeup the best. Where red lips and darker eyes would overwhelm most people, the deeps have the depth to pull it off. However, not all makeup looks suit them; very light, pale and powdery makeup tend to suck the life out of their vivid coloring.

Deep and rich. Dark eyes and hair.

Neutrals include, but aren't limited to:

Black brown, taupe, coal, dark navy, pewter, black

Deep basic palette:

 Soft white, ivory, butter, stone, chocolate
Black brown, taupe, coal, dark navy, pewter
Lime, moss green, ivy, turquoise, teal
Emerald, spruce, forest green, cornflower, true blue
Royal purple, purple, damson, blush pink, true red
Scarlet, chili, burgundy, aubergine, black


Deep and cool

Slightly cooler. Common skintones are olive, beige, dark brown, blue black, alabaster, ivory, cool beige and cool brown, however a slightly cooler bronze isn't a rarity either. The eyes are deep, and deep brown, ebony, hazel or olive. Like the eyes, the hair is dark: dark brown, black, blue black, or even a very dark auburn. The deep and cool looks absolutely brilliant in colors such as peppermint and dark teal, whilst colors like tomato red and mustard are less fortunate.

Some celebrity examples:
Eva Longoria (pictured), Penelope Cruz, Alek Wek, Cher, Susan Lucci, Rachel Bilson, Jada Pinkett Smith, Kim Yoon Jin, Anne Hathaway, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, The Jonas Brothers

Add-on colors:

White, peppermint, true green, dark teal

Light blue, viola, violet, plum
Candy pink, cyclamen, fuchsia, berry pink


Deep and warm

The deep and warm have the defining characteristic of "deep", but are also warm in their overall coloring. The skin can be golden brown, honey brown, dark brown, ivory, bronze, warm olive, warm beige or merely golden. The hair is deep, in colors such as deep auburn, chestnut, dark brown or black. Like the hair, the eyes are deep, and often reflect the warmth in the deep and warm's coloring: Hazel, dark brown, ebony, golden brown or rich olive. Like the other tonal groups on the warm side of the spectrum, a golden ring or golden flecks in the pupil are common. The deep and warm looks glorious in colors such as mahogany and evergreen, but cannot successfully pull off the cooler colors of the deep and cool; like candy pink and berry pink.

Some celebrity examples:
Leighton Meester (Pictured), Sophia Loren, Kim Kardashian, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes, Natalie Portman, Raquel Welch, Hillary Swank, Daniel Dae Kim, Denzel Washington 

Add-on colors:

 Mustard, camel, golden brown, mahogany

Coffee, olive green, evergreen, salmon pink
Dark salmon pink, tomato, rust red, pumpkin


  1. Alt det du skriver stemmer med meg. Jeg elsker taupe, fargen passer hudtonen min ekstremt bra..

  2. Your blog is so resourceful, I am tempted to print each post out and use it as a guide for building my wardrobe and dressing.

    I am a deep being of an Indian descent and the colours that work for me has taken me years to discover. wish I knew about your blog before.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  3. Tashrin: Thank you! I'm happy you like my blog. :)

  4. I like your blog! You explained the colours better than other websites. I am still confused though as I look better in cool clothes but my makeup has to be warm toned or else I look pasty and ill. How can this be? I have black hair and a neutral beige skin tone and very dark brown eyes. I can't work out whether I am deep autumn or deep winter.