23 November, 2010


Brights (I'm talking color here, not levels of intelligence) have one defining feature, which enables us to separate them from any other tonal season. Their eyes are very bright, sparkly and striking. The whites in their eyes are very white too, and the pupils are often green, light blue, topaz or even almost purple. Of course, you do find brights with brown eyes too: Often a very dark brown (a striking contrast to the stark white whites in their eyes), or a golden amber color
The bright and cool, often have dark hair and naturally very dark lashes. The bright and warm often have dark hair too, but here you will also find blondes.

It might not make much sense, but the bright's skin, are often very clear. Not as in translucent, but they don't have that velvety quality to their skin as the softs do, nor the delicate skin of the lights.

The brights should aim for bright and saturated colors. Think stark white, black, turquoise, scarlet and cyclamen. Dull colors will shut down their overall brightness. By opting for high contrast light/dark color combinations like black and white, their bright look is balanced. If wearing a faintly saturated top, opt for some bright colors up against your face.

Strong, contrasting, intense eyes, clear skin, saturated colors.

Neutrals include, but aren't limited to:


Royal blue, dark navy, charcoal
Purple, brown black, black

Bright basic palette:

Soft white, ivory, light lemon yellow, pewter, brown black

Light gray, taupe, charcoal, dark navy, mint
Apple green, evergreen, emerald, green turquoise, light teal
duck egg, light aqua, sky blue, cornflower, Chinese blue
Royal blue, purple, dark viola, true blue, true red
Scarlet, blush pink, ruby, light apricot, black


Bright and warm

Often overall lighter than the bright and cool. The skin is slightly warmer/more golden, and blonde hair are more common. The bright and warm looks better in salmon pink and yellow green than berry pink and dark teal.

Some celebrity examples:
Cameron Diaz (pictured), Beyoncé Knowles, Heather Graham, Tara Reid

Add-on colors: 

Cream, lemon yellow, light gold, yellow green

Light moss, true green, lazuli, salmon pink
Coral, watermelon, light peach, peach


Bright and cool

Dark, solid colored hair are quite common. The skin has a cooler cast, but isn't cold enough to be labeled cool and clear. The bright and cool looks better in berry pink and dark teal than salmon pink and yellow green.

Some celebrity examples:
Megan Fox (pictured), Courtney Cox, Liv Tyler, Alexis Bledel, Ian Somerhalder

Add-on colors: 

White, peppermint, true green, dark teal

Powder blue, viola, violet, plum
Candy pink, cyclamen, fuchsia, berry pink


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