22 November, 2010

Hello, everyone!

My name is Elisabeth, and I have been running a Norwegian blog revolving around fashion, beauty and style, with a tad art and culture tossed into the mix. Over the past weeks, I deliberated whether to shut down the blog due to a hectic real life, or keep it going - although in English. I take it for granted you know which one I chose. I decided I enjoy sharing the stuff I do, and helping the people I did, too much to simply quit doing so. Also, I wished to open up to more people, hopefully drawing all kinds of readers from various corners of the world.

I'm not new to the world of blogging. I have actually had quite a lot of blogs in the past. All of them abandoned, with the exception of Manet, the aforementined little ongoing and seemingly neverending project of mine. To speak in an excessively pretentious manner: A blog which now has shed its skin, and begun a new life. More exact - same concept, yet on a new blog platform and in a new language.

Click here to read my old blog translated with Google translate.
Of course, due the limitations of this wonderful translator, some posts, or a lot of posts, will hardly make much sense. Yet I hope most of it should be somewhat clear. I plan on translating and expanding some of the more informational posts in a while.

See you soon!

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  1. Oh, that'll be real nice! I'm from London, but I have a Swedish friend who gave me the url to your (old) blog, and babelfish didn't keep up with all the content, haha! I loved your old blog, it was real good! I'm so glad you will be blogging in English now, I'll be following you for sure!